Preparing to Sell Your Home the Day You Move In…

Twin City homeowners have become transient with several Fortune 500 companies in its midst.    Yet, there are still some homeowners that have lived in MN and in one home all of their lives.  Either way, selling your home can seem like an overwhelming … [Read More...]

How to Avoid Looking at 100 Houses Before Making an Offer

Home buyers can avoid spending needless hours looking at properties by following these simple steps.1.  After meeting with your mortgage lender to get your pre-approval, be sure to discuss your price range with your real estate agent. Set up your … [Read More...]

Dakota County Housing Market

Dakota County is beginning to really improve compared to dates from June 2012. Already, there has been a 23.8% increase in new listings over the entire county. So, buyers, you have a lot of new homes to look forward to investigating! For those … [Read More...]

Historical Places in Minnesota: Fort Snelling

One location that has  been mentioned a few times on this blog is Historic Fort Snelling. In the past, I've highlighted specific events taking place at that location, but there's plenty to do and explore there outside of the Fourth of July. Found in … [Read More...]

Savage, MN Housing Market

Savage, located in Scott County, Minnesota, might be a location you're looking into buying or selling a home from. Buyer, the market there is certainly promising if you're looking into buying a home. There has been a 50% increase in new listings this … [Read More...]